2 men, one naked, arrested after allegedly squatting in Saanich RVs, prompting police warning

RV squatters prompts Saanich Police to issue warning to owners
WATCH: Two homeowners received a bit of a shock when they discovered strangers living in their RV's. Catherine Urquhart has details, including the advice from police.

Saanich police are warning RV owners to lock their vehicles after officers responded to two recent cases in which an unknown person was believed to be squatting inside one of the vehicles.

Both calls came in on Wednesday, according to police. The first case reportedly involved a homeowner phoning police after he said he spotted a naked man inside his trailer, which was parked at his home in the 3800 block of Douglas Street, at around 10 p.m., police say.

When officers arrived, police say they found a naked man inside the RV.

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“Based on the condition of the inside of the RV, it is believed he had been living in it for at least a few days,” said a Saanich police media release.

Randy Cartwright, 21, of Victoria, was arrested and now faces a break and enter charge, according to police.

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Investigators said a second call came in about half an hour later, this time from the 4400 block of Wilkinson Road.

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A homeowner told police they had come back from vacation to find the door to their RV open and signs that someone had been living inside it for several days.

Police said the owner then set an alarm on the trailer, which was triggered later in the day.

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When officers arrived, police said the person inside the RV tried to hold the door shut but relented when a police dog arrived at the scene.

Police arrested Jesse Juba, 20, also of Victoria, who investigators said was wanted on six outstanding warrants. Juba has also been charged with breaking and entering, police said.

Police are advising RV owners to regularly check their vehicles and ensure they are properly locked up.