Winnipeg sees driest first half of the year on record in 2019

An ear of wheat is visible in in a farmer's field suffering from drought. EPA/JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT

Correction: The data for this story was originally incorrectly cited. The story below contains the correct citations.

If you thought 2019 was dry around Winnipeg, you are right.

Data from Weatherlogics shows the River City received only 91 mm of precipitation since Jan. 1, which is the driest start to the year on record.

That’s almost 15 mm less than the previous record of 106.5 mm set in 1900.

2019 is the driest it has been in Winnipeg since records began.

While drought conditions for June had yet to be updated, Environment and Climate Change Canada reported that Winnipeg was in an “abnormally” dry season as of May 31.

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Drought conditions across the prairies as of May 31, 2019. ECCC

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