TDSB investigating explicit sex education pamphlets posted in classroom

TORONTO – Sex education can be an awkward subject for parents and students – but one Toronto teacher is being accused of taking the lesson a little too far.

Wade Vroom, an occasional Grade 7/8 teacher in Toronto, has been suspended without pay pending the results of an investigation into materials he allegely posted in his classroom.

The pamphlets, designed by the AIDS Committee of Toronto and distributed in bars and bath houses across the city, are entitled “Use your head when giving it: blow job tips” and offer advice on safe sexual practices for gay men.

The pamphlets, targeted to adults, used graphic language and imagery. The AIDS Committee of Toronto didn’t want to be interviewed by Global News but said the pamphlets were meant for adults.

A parent complained the pamphlets had been posted on a classroom bulletin board in full view of the students.

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“My understanding is that it was part of a sexual health resource that was offered up to students, should they want to see that,” said Ryan Bird, a spokesperson for the Toronto District School Board.

Bird said the school board took down the material once they were notified, but board officials say the pamphlets had been on display for months. Bird said the school board is looking into how long the pamphlets had been on display.

“You would think that somebody would’ve noticed it,” said Doretta Wilson, Executive Director of the Society for Quality Education. “It’s not that innocuous.”

Toronto-based sex educator Atja Marie said there’s nothing wrong with messaging of the pamphlets but noted the teacher could have provided it differently.

“I would gauge their emotional maturity as to what they’ve already been exposed to first, ask them questions before I brought anything that was this explicit,” she said.

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