Ottawa’s planning committee approves maligned Château Laurier addition site plan

***THIS IS AN OLD RENDERING*** A proposed new addition to Château Laurier has drawn criticism from both city councillors and the public. City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa’s planning committee approved the site plan for the Château Laurier’s addition on Thursday morning.

The addition’s new design has received heavy criticism from both the public and city councillors for its striking difference from the main building.

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Coun. Stephen Blais, who sits on the planning committee, says that while the design is starkly different from that of the rest of the building, he is hopeful it will look good.

“As ugly as the drawings are, I’m hopeful that in real life it’ll turn out better.”

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This is the fifth time the architecture firm in charge of the design has submitted a new proposal, and each one has been heavily criticized by the public. According to the city, over 2,400 complaints have been submitted criticizing the design.

Mayor Jim Watson spoke of the decision at a later date and outlined that the city has done all it has the right to do in terms of determining how the hotel will look.

“I know there’s a strong opposition in the community but at the end of the day I think now’s the time to move forward,” said Watson. “The company has the legal authority and the legal right to add the addition on and my hope is that they get on with it because this has gone on a long time and it’s really been divisive for the community.”

The vote to approve the site plan passed 8-3. The planning committee had final say on site plan control and the matter will not rise to city council, according to the city.

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