City mulls new plan to develop back alleys

CALGARY – Calgary’s chief planning bureaucrat has some big plans in the works for some back alleys in the city.

While leading a Jane’s Walk through several downtown alleys on Sunday, Rollin Stanley spoke about their potential to be used as they are in other cities.

Stanley says this concept could be applied through the construction of the Calgary’s first automated parking garage near 7 Avenue and 1 Street.

A proposed plan sees cars parked on a pallet and automatically lifted to a parking sport, taking up far less space than a traditional parkade.

“We actually have an interesting application just down here behind Stephen Avenue where someone wants to build a very tall parking garage with the automated parking system and we are evaluating that now,” says Stanley.

He adds the revenue from the parking garage could help to save some historic buildings.

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The proposal will go back to the planning commission later this spring.

The proposal could face some obstacles.

The plan goes against the City’s parking policy of trying to reduce the number of cars in the city’s core.

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