Exo’s new awareness campaign aims to improve young riders’ train etiquette

Exo's etiquette campaign includes cheeky posters on shelters directed towards young people. Tuesday June 04, 2019. Sylvain Trudeau / Global Montreal

If you’re riding the train over the next few days, you may see more agents on the platforms. They’re there to remind young users of proper train etiquette as a part of Exo’s latest awareness campaign.

At the Montreal-West train station, hundreds of students catch a ride every day, a perfect spot for agents to spread their message and distribute pamphlets.

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The pamphlets have a 14-point list of reminders about what behaviours should be avoided on the train so you don’t disturb other users.

The reminders range from the basics, such as keeping quiet or not blocking the doors, to more peculiar ones such as not plucking your eyebrows or flossing your teeth on board.

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There are also cheeky posters on the shelters and agents chatting up groups of students.

The campaign is geared specifically towards students and young people because the train company says that at the end of the school year, students tend to get excited and consequently noisier.

Exo spokesperson Catherine Maurice says the service has had a few complaints, but handing out fines is a last resort. So they turned to the campaign to help get the message out.

Children under 14 years old are not fined, but agents who find them violating safety rules could call their parents.

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Those between 14 and 18 years old could be fined $115. Those over 18 years of age could face fines of $123.

“We didn’t want that campaign to be sanctimonious so we’re using [a] sense of humour to remind them basic rules to follow, be respectful of other passengers on our trains,” Maurice said.

Exo’s campaign will last until the end of the school year.

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