Cowboys to hire 1,000 Calgarians for Stampede

Cowboys to hire 1,000 Calgarians for Stampede
WATCH: Hundreds of people lined up outside of Cowboys in Calgary on Saturday, hoping to get hired for the 10 days of the Stampede. Michael King reports.

Hundreds of Calgarians lined up with resumes in hand on Saturday, hoping to be one of 1,000 people hired by Cowboys for this summer’s Stampede.

The casino and dance hall runs one of the major music tents set up just outside the Stampede grounds.

Positions ranging from bartender to busser were up for grabs.

While a handful looked for summer work experience, the majority were intrigued by the opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Gillian Meades said she has had friends take home five-figure paychecks during the 10 days of Stampede.

“I’ve heard a lot of people do very well during the Stampede season,” said Meades. “I’ve also heard it’s fun to be around.”

Others know people whose only income during the summer will come during the Stampede.

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Elena Fraley said students studying away from Calgary who come back home can have a tough time finding work.

“[They] can’t find a temporary job because no one wants someone who will work for three months and then go away,” said Fraley, “but Stampede is just the perfect position for that.”

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Paul Vickers, president of Cowboys, was shocked to see the lineup of potential applicants wrap around the block.

“I have never in 24 years seen a lineup for a job posting in my life like this,” said Vickers.

He added that while the turnout shows how sought after the jobs are, it highlights how much Calgarians need the work.

“It’s a bigger indicator of our tough economy,” said Vickers. “If you’ve lived in Calgary for the last five years, it’s been tough.”

Along with the 1,000 jobs at Cowboys, the Calgary Stampede also hires 3,500 temporary employees to be ushers, run concessions or clean up the park.

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth officially kicks off July 5.

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