Niagara police say stampede at Marineland that killed 2 deer has not been reported

Two visitors allegedly caused a stampede at Marineland on Saturday which claimed the lives of two deer. THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE/Tara Walton

Niagara Regional Police say the deaths of two deer at Marineland over the weekend, alleged to have been caused by a stampede, has yet to be reported to police.

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The amusement park and zoo allege a father and son caused the deer to stampede at its opening day on Saturday, which led to the deaths of two animals.

Marineland says the suspects got away when staff tried to stop the stampede.

However, Niagara Regional Police Service spokesperson Stephanie Sabourin said in an email to 900 CHML on Tuesday, “The matter was not reported to police, at this time there is no investigation.”

Police were stationed in front of the park on Saturday to monitor a group of protesters who lined the roadside of the park, rallying against its treatment of marine life.

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900 CHML reached out to Marineland to find out why the incident was not reported to police and whether the suspects were caught on surveillance video.

A Marineland spokesperson responded to our request in an email, writing, ‘Today is the first business day following the long weekend.  Our park operations supervisor has called the Niagara Regional Police to request an officer attend Marineland to take a statement.’

It added, ‘As the individuals responsible had already fled the park immediately following the incident, we’ve opted to file a police report this week once we were able to confirm the facts. We will cooperate with the Niagara Regional Police in their investigation and will not be releasing further information at this time.’

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