Backyard gardeners in Peterborough urged not to plant just yet

Peterborough greenhouse has some advice for gardeners during this cool, wet spring.
Anxious gardeners are being urged to hold off, perhaps until June 1.

If you enjoy planting a garden or flowers outdoors, the old adage is to wait until the long weekend in May to be safe.

But because of all the rain and below-normal temperatures this spring, gardening experts in Peterborough are saying you’d be better off waiting until June.

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“Temperatures are a lot colder than they should be for this time of year. We’re getting way too much water so it’s a slow year,” Darlene Bragg, who has worked at Johnston’s Greenhouse in Peterborough for 15 years, tells Global News.

“Most customers are frustrated because they can’t plant anything right now. And plants aren’t as big and pretty as they should be.

“We’re not getting enough sunlight so the plants are a lot smaller than they should be at this time of the year.”

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Johnston’s has been around since 1945 and for many locals, it’s their go-to destination for all things gardening. Experts say that with the winter season lasting longer, those who enjoy planting and the things that grow from the ground will have a shorter window to do so.

“Typically, the beginning of May we’d already be getting sunlight and warmth, but we’re not getting that this spring. You’re looking into the first week of June this year. The ground is just not ready,” Bragg said.