Cambridge Food Bank now offering seeds to clients

Staff and volunteers from the Cambridge Food Bank and Spring Bank Garden show of their harvest at the rare Charitable Research Reserve. Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank

The Cambridge Food Bank recently launched a new program which will offer fruit, vegetable and flower seeds to its clients.

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“A seed represents hope,” the food bank’s executive director Cameron Dearlove told Global News. ”If you put it in the right hand, who cares for it, and believe they can make something of it, then that will bring joy.”

According to Dearlove, the Seed Share initiative will help people see the food bank in a different light and is also great for the environment.

“Food is grown using organic principles,” Dearlove said. “It is more environmentally friendly. This food does not require trucking and [reduces] greenhouse gases.”

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The Cambridge food bank relies on donations. They are hoping once people grow their own food, they will also produce more seeds and donate some back to the food bank.

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“Our dream is teaching people how to save seeds and donate them,” he said.

By helping people grow their own food, Dearlove hopes that it will increase food resiliency and address the issue of food scarcity at the same time in the region.

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