Joshua Boyle’s estranged wife alleges he bound her, hit her, forced sex following Afghan captivity

Boyle trial: Ex-Afghan hostage’s estranged wife testifies
March 27: Caitlan Coleman has taken the stand at the trial of her estranged husband, Joshua Boyle, who pleaded not guilty to 19 charges of assault, sexual assault and unlawful confinement. For several hours, she detailed the "constant powerful rollercoaster" of verbal abuse she says she suffered in their relationship. Mike Le Couteur reports.

WARNING: Disturbing details.

The estranged wife of Joshua Boyle says he allegedly struck her, tied her ankles and wrists with rope and forced her to have sex during an incident following the couple’s forced captivity in Afghanistan.

Caitlan Coleman, who gave birth to three children during a five-year hostage ordeal at the hands of extremists beginning in 2012, is back on the witness stand at her husband’s assault trial in Ottawa.

WATCH: March 25 — Joshua Boyle on trial for assaulting estranged wife

Joshua Boyle on trial for assaulting estranged wife
Joshua Boyle on trial for assaulting estranged wife

The 35-year-old Boyle has pleaded not guilty to a number of criminal charges for alleged offences against Coleman, including assault, sexual assault and unlawful confinement.

The couple, who were seized by extremists while on a backpacking trip through central Asia, were freed and returned to Canada in late 2017.

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Coleman, 33, described several incidents involving Boyle – including how he once tied her face down to their bed, had sex with her and left her there until he fell asleep, which allowed her to free herself more than 30 minutes later.

She also described a separate incident in which she alleges he pinned her down and tried to force her to have anal sex, and hit her in the face when she resisted.