Keanu Reeves entertains stranded passengers after emergency landing

Click to play video 'Keanu Reeves hangs with passengers when flight makes emergency landing' Keanu Reeves hangs with passengers when flight makes emergency landing
WATCH: Keanu Reeves hangs with passengers when flight makes emergency landing.

Actor Keanu Reeves made a flight’s emergency landing a little more joyful than the usual frustration of having to change travel plans.

Reeves was on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank, Calif., over the weekend, which had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, Calif., a couple of hours from their destination.

The John Wick star was a passenger on the flight when it was cut short due to a mechanical issue.

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The 54-year-old actor was stranded with the other passengers at the airport in Bakersfield and they all took a van together.

A fan took a video of Reeves advising the stranded passengers to take the minibus with him and “hit the road” instead of waiting for their luggage.

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“The people that unload the bags won’t be here for three hours. The vans will be here in an hour so if you want to hit the road and deal with your bags later or deal with customer service and get it delivered maybe,” the Hard Ball actor said.

Later in the same video, a fan shows Reeves reading details about Bakersfield to the rest of the passengers in the van. He also used his phone and YouTube to play everyone a selection of music that was native to Bakersfield.

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Reeves was spotted heading to a Carl’s Jr. location after everyone reached their destination of Burbank.

People from the flight took to Twitter to share their memories with their favourite road trip buddy.

United Airlines released a statement, explaining the plane diverted to Bakersfield “due to a mechanical indication.”

“The flight landed safely without incident in Bakersfield,” the statement reads. “Passengers deplaned normally at the gate and were then transported via ground transportation to Burbank.”

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