Canadian Coast Guard’s newest vessel damaged after running into Victoria port

The Sir John Franklin at port in Ogden Point Sunday. Damage can be seen on the port side. Global News

The Canadian Coast Guard’s newest vessel has already sustained some battle scars before even seeing service.

The Sir John Franklin had only been doing sea trials for a week when the 206-foot-long vessel ran into Victoria’s Ogden Point breakwater Friday afternoon.

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A statement from Seaspan on Sunday said the crash damaged the vessel’s rudder, propeller, and port side.

They say the cause of the crash is still under investigation, but no injuries were reported.

As for the vessel, it’s currently at Ogden Point, with the rest of its sea trials suspended until repairs can be done.

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Seaspan adds the ship was under their control when the crash happened, saying it was supposed to be handed over to the coast guard once sea trials were finished.

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority said a dive team will inspect the underwater portion of the breakwater Monday.

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