Wayward raccoon stranded in Florida waters has to be rescued – twice

Florida police and wildlife officials rescue raccoon stranded at sea – twice
ABOVE: Florida police and wildlife officials rescue raccoon stranded at sea – twice.

A wayward raccoon stranded on a channel marker off the coast of Florida had to be rescued twice by police and wildlife officials.

According to Sarasota Police, wildlife officials were called to a report of an injured turtle in Sarasota Bay when they noticed a trash panda stranded on a channel marker.

A marine patrol unit was dispatched to assist several agencies in an effort to bring the raccoon back onto dry land.

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Video of the rescue mission shows officers using a large fishing net to scoop the furry creature from the channel marker, while another officer uses a catch pole to ensure the raccoon stays in the net.

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“Oh my God, he’s adorable,” a rescuer said of the raccoon that was still in the net and not securely in the boat.

As the sound of a camera shutter flickers in the background, the video shows the masked-animal squirming in the net, as now would-be rescuers fail to control the animal, the raccoon managed to wind up back in the drink.

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The raccoon is then seen going for a bit of a swim before circling back to the boat before climbing up on the back of the vessel on its own.

Rescuers managed to get a hold of the soaked trash panda, placing it into a large white cooler.

Authorities said the animal was later released once back on dry land.