Extra! Extra! Edmonton newspaper marks 40 years of publishing

WATCH ABOVE: In this age of new media, there’s an old-school, local paper in Edmonton that’s still holding strong. This year marks the 40th anniversary for Boyle McCauley News. Vinesh Pratap takes a look.

In this age of new media, there’s an old-school, local paper in Edmonton that still holds strong.

2019 marks Boyle McCauley News’ 40th anniversary.

“It started as sort of a community newsletter,” says the newspaper’s editor, Paula Kirman.

The newspaper began in 1979, eventually growing into a full-fledged publication which now operates as an independent non-profit.

The focus is hyperlocal — all about the events, issues and people of the Boyle Street and McCauley communities.

“There are perspectives in this part of the city that people never get to hear,” Kirman explains. “Through the paper, we’re able to give those perspectives a voice.

“It’s more than just a newspaper. It’s a community-builder.”

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According to Kirman, the paper has “between 70 to 80 active volunteers” covering the roles of writers, proofreaders and block carriers.

One of those carriers is 40-year-volunteer Bob McKeon.

“It’s natural if you’re involved in the neighbourhood, you want to be a part of telling the stories,” McKeon explains from the newspaper’s modest offices; a basement space in the city’s Little Italy community.

McKeon explains how the paper is eagerly welcomed by residents.

“Never once when I have come to a door have they said, ‘We don’t want the Boyle McCauley News,'” he said.

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“We are in a better position than we thought we would be.”

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Like in other media, the paper has been challenged with financial problems at times from declining revenue to higher operational costs.

But starting its 40th year, things look well.

“There have always been people throughout the history of the paper that have been willing to stand up and help the paper survive,” Kirman says.

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The paper publishes eight times a year, with a circulation of 5,500.

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