‘Big Brother Canada:’ First evicted houseguest says ‘it is just luck of the draw’

(L-R): Laura Roberts and Damien Ketlo. Global TV / / Corus

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.




In the highly anticipated first eviction episode of Season 7, Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) agents laid down the law and evicted the fierce and fabulous judicial clerk Laura Roberts from Calgary, Alberta, in an unanimous vote.

Nominated by Head of Household Adam Pike, Roberts was on the block with Damien Ketlo, and with no power of veto up for grabs, was ultimately sent home for targeting one of Pike’s closest alliances in the house – Samantha Picco.

Global TV / Corus.

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Four ‘Big Brother Canada 7’ houseguests talk strategy and showmances – Feb 27, 2019

After Roberts’ exit, host Arisa Cox dropped a Big Brother blindside on the surviving houseguests by revealing that Canada had completed a covert operation and was sending a new houseguest into the Big Brother Canada house – New Brunswick’s Cory Kennedy. But no mission is complete without an unexpected twist – in order for Cory to stay in the house, she must secure three final-two deals within 24 hours or face immediate eviction.

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Global News spoke with Roberts the day after her eviction and asked her about her time in the Big Brother Canada house.

Global News: How does it feel to be the first one evicted from the BBCAN house? I personally thought you were going to go so far!
Laura Roberts: I know! Obviously it’s not great. I wish I was there a little bit longer. I honestly thought myself, even before coming into the house, that I would have made it a bit longer but unfortunately, you’re going off of so little in the beginning that a lot of it is just luck of the draw. Unfortunately, the person who had won head of household could not have been more distant from me compared to everyone else. It is what it is.

Do you feel like you did anything to hurt your own game other than that? Or do you feel like the house was just against you because you kept it real and weren’t afraid to speak your mind?
No, definitely and that’s really who I am in real life. I honestly am not really afraid to say anything. I think I do vocalize a lot of the stuff people are thinking. I feel like people assume the conversation I had with Adam [Pike] in the head of household room was what did it to me but truthfully, the second he won and was head of household that week, it was just kind of written. The audience might not have seen but I tried to have benign conversations with him and make comments. He just really wasn’t having any of it. Anytime I was near him or tried to talk to him, he would immediately try to distance himself from me. It’s just like I said, in the beginning when there’s nothing to go on, people try to look for a reason and I think that was just kind of it.
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Would you do anything differently if you were offered the chance to enter the house again?

That’s such a good question. I think that if I could have stayed, I would have taken more of a page from Kailyn’s [Archer] book and sort of played cool, kept my cards close to my chest, foster more of my social relationships. However, that being said, after everything I said in my eviction speech, if i were to leave and come back, I think I’d still play hard. I think I’d have to live up to that.

What made you reference the iconic Birdman line from his Breakfast Club interview ‘put some respek on my name’ during your eviction speech? I thought that was too good!
I feel like that was like my last moment and tipping off my hat to my love for hip-hop and the hip-hop community. I think anyone that hears that line gets that I know people are talking about me, I know what you’re doing, I don’t like it. And put some respect on my name. I’m not with it.

After getting to know everyone in the BBCAN house, who would you choose to be part of your dream alliance if you could choose anyone to work with?
I feel like I was working with them. The alliance that I had with Kailyn [Archer] and Anthony [Douglas] and even Eddie [Lin], I feel like they were just such great players. I don’t know how much the audience has seen but even the relationship I had with Anthony, I think we were a lot closer. Obviously, we were bedmates so we had more conversations that maybe people weren’t aware of. I think they are all such amazing players and I wish I could have played with them a little longer.
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Who do you think could win it all?
Kailyn [Archer]! I think she could win it — she might not be as punchy as I am — but I think of all the people, she has the guts to really put some people up on the block and play the game. And she just plays it cool, she’s not shook by anything.
Who was the hardest to live with even though it was such a short period of time? Did anyone get on your nerves?
That’s a really good question… probably for me personally, Kiera [Wallace]. As much as I love her, she’se very much someone who likes to talk about their own life. Sometimes it could be difficult to get a word in edgewise if you want to comment as well so definitely that a little bit. I love Kiera but she definitely got under my skin a little bit.

What was your favourite room in the house?
The bedrooms were so funky and cool. I love how the walls were also the same as the floor — it was very cool. I liked the vibe. I also liked the outside area because I feel like that’s the only place that you really feel like you can hear people coming so you feel like you have a little bit of privacy with the people you’re talking to.

Do you have an all-time favourite BBCAN houseguest from previous seasons?
I have a few. I really liked Hamza [Hatoum] from last season, I really liked Ryan [Ballantine] from last season and Andrew [Miller] from last season. It’s really hard to choose just one.
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Are you watching any other reality TV other than BBCAN?
I’m a huge reality TV fan. I will basically watch anything if it’s on that’s reality TV. I love Basketball WivesBad Girls Club, I’m always watching the reality TV shows that are on, even home and garden shows.

What’s your last remarks you would like to leave with the BBCAN fans?
Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Don’t be afraid of other people. Find that fire and do what you feel is right in the moment. Even if nobody believes in you, if you believe in yourself that’s all that matters.

I’m sure we will see you back on TV again soon!
I hope so!

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

Watch Big Brother Canada Sunday at 8 P.M. ET/PT on Global to see if Kennedy completes her secret mission and find out which agent wins head of household.

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