Calgarians ticketed during snow route parking ban frustrated, say street not plowed

Click to play video: 'Calgarians parked in snow route ticketed despite street not plowed' Calgarians parked in snow route ticketed despite street not plowed
WATCH: Some Calgary residents are frustrated over a several-hundred-dollar bill after getting a string of parking tickets. Five hours into the recent parking ban, several people from one household were ticketed. But as Jill Croteau reports, it's what they say didn't happen that's left them fed up – Feb 21, 2019

Residents of a home in Calgary’s southeast neighbourhood of Ogden are collectively facing a hefty bill after getting five separate parking tickets.

Four family members and one visiting friend told Global News they weren’t aware Calgary’s recent snow route parking ban until it was too late. Chantelle MacAllister said they found out about it each driver parked on the street outside got ticketed.

“Turned on the news found out there was a ban,” MacAllister said. “My girlfriend was leaving and she came back in the house and said, ‘Guess what? We all have tickets.'”

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About five hours into the parking ban, which went into effect on Monday, Feb. 18 at noon, they were ticketed for leaving their vehicles in the snow route.

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They said they were frustrated, moved their vehicles and resigned themselves to having to pay the fine until they say they realized the snow plows never showed up on their street, even after the parking ban was lifted.

“There are five tickets in our household alone adding up to over $400,” McAllister said. “I’m furious. This is unacceptable. We moved and they didn’t do their part of the deal so why should we have to pay for them to do nothing.”

McAllister said she complained to 311 but was told it’s up to the snow plow operator’s discretion on whether snow removal is necessary. She also said she was told that regardless if snow is plowed or not, she’s on the hook for the tickets for disobeying the ban.

McAllister said she intends to appeal all of the tickets.

Calgary Parking Authority’s enforcement coordinator, Ben Pisch, told Global News in an emailed statement that when a snow route parking ban is in effect, citizens must remove their vehicles from affected roads.

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