Firefighters rescue yet another child stuck in claw machine arcade game

Click to play video: 'Alabama 2-year-old gets stuck in ‘Claw’ toy machine'
Alabama 2-year-old gets stuck in ‘Claw’ toy machine
ABOVE: Two-year-old Ezra Ingersoll had to be rescued after he got stuck inside a toy machine at a local restaurant – Feb 7, 2019

Firefighters in Alabama had to rescue a two-year-old boy who got himself stuck inside a claw machine arcade game.

Kelsey Ingersoll took her family to a pizza joint in Fairhope Monday to enjoy a night out with a family and some friends. The group scarfed down their dinner in the restaurant’s game room, allowing the kids to play while the parents kept a(n allegedly) close eye on their children.

“I had been checking on the kids every couple of minutes to make sure they were still playing nicely and all of a sudden, my daughter ran over to me and said Ezra was in the machine,” Ingersoll told “It literally took him seconds!”

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Video shows the child standing in the glass arcade game, surrounded by the toys you’re supposed to attempt to snag using the mechanical claw.

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The mother soon realized her child was stuck inside the machine’s door where, if you were lucky enough, you retrieve your prize. The problem was it had opened inwards, sealing the child inside.

Ingersoll told the pizzeria did not have a key to the arcade game, so they were forced to call the police and the fire department.

“It was a crazy night for sure,” Ingersoll.

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The child was eventually freed from the grips of the money-sucking arcade game. It’s unclear how much loose change firefighters plugged into the machine to free the kid.

Last year, firefighters in Florida had to free a child from a claw machine, while another child got stuck in 2015.

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