Peterborough expert weighs in on how to get the best deal for your winter getaway

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With bitterly cold temperatures in the forecast, many people are looking to trade the snow for the sand. But do you live for last-minute deals or plan your getaway in advance? Caley Bedore set out to find the best time for winter travel deals – Jan 18, 2019

When the temperatures drop and the snow starts to pile up, it can be tempting to pack your bags and head for warmer weather.

While some say booking at the last minute gets you the best deals, Mary LaRocque, owner of Marlin Travel in Peterborough, said off-season booking can save you the most cash.

“The biggest bang for your buck is really booking in June, July and August for your winter vacation,” she said. “The earlier you book, the better the deal typically is.”

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She said some companies now offer deals on dates once reserved for bargain retail shoppers, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, adding that cruise lines often offer discounts and promotional deals in January.

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“As soon as the snow flies, as soon as the temperature drops, people go ‘Oh! I’m in Canada and, yeah, need to get away,” so January tends to be our busiest month,” said LaRocque.

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LaRocque said some people will save money by changing a non-refundable ticket, but she warned against opting out of travel insurance. She also suggested watching for airfare deals because flights and taxes typically account for the biggest chunk of your travel bill.

“When a supplier or an airline puts something on sale, they will have spot sales, and that is the time when you’ll save a significant amount of money,” said LaRocque.

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