Hall & Oates ‘impressed’ by woman’s impromptu airport ‘80s dance video

Woman kills time at airport making epic 1980s-style dance video
ABOVE: Woman kills time at airport making epic 1980s-style dance video.

A woman who missed her flight decided to kill time at an Atlanta airport by making a 1980s-style dance video to Hall & Oates hit song You Make My Dreams, impressing the singers.

Katie Gould had four hours to kill after missing her flight, so she took it upon herself to get a little creative.

“I missed my flight and it was 4 hours until the next so this is what I did,” the law student tweeted.

Armed with her cellphone and some music, Gould decided to record herself (and her cat!) grooving to the Hall & Oates classic, busting out classic retro dance moves through the airport terminal.

Gould’s cat, Bowie, also makes several appearances in the video.

Gould’s video has been viewed over five million times since being posted on Wednesday night and even caught the attention of Daryl Hall and John Oates.

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“Impressive you can dance that long!” the band said.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also approved of Gould’s performance.

“Endorsed,” the actor tweeted.

Gordon-Levitt danced his way through You Make My Dreams during a scene in the 2009 flick 500 Days of Summer.

As for Gould, she said she wasn’t expecting her performance to take off, and encouraged others to be creative because “life is too short.”

“I really wasn’t expecting this. I was just bored at the airport and thought I’d laugh at myself and dance a little bit,” she tweeted. I’m so glad so many people laughed along with me. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you all, plz dance, write, love and create more. Life is too short.”

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Here’s a look at some of the reaction to her video.