Theodore, the large but lovable 800-pound pig, finds forever home on Vancouver Island

WATCH: (Aired Dec. 12, 2018) A Langley animal protection society is trying to find a forever home for Theodore, an 800-pound pig. Aaron McArthur tells us why.

There is a happy ending for a Metro Vancouver hog that has been looking for a forever home.

Weighing in at 800 pounds, Theodore has been a beloved resident of the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) since he was found wandering down Fraser Highway last summer.

WATCH: Meet Theodore the 800-pound pig

Meet Theodore the 800 pound pig
Meet Theodore the 800 pound pig

After he was found, it was decided that the massive Yorkshire pig was too old to be put back into the food supply so he was neutered and will live out his days in relative comfort.

Saying he make a great companion for other pigs, the team at LAPS searched to find Theo, as his friends call him, a permanent home.

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The Yorkshire pig had been waiting months for a family to take him in and it looks like the stars have finally aligned.

Theo will be going to the Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary in Duncan, B.C., where he will join another rescued Yorkshire pig named Lillian.

Staff are calling it “a match made in heaven.”

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