Museums around the world are soliciting duck pics from each other

A duck pic from the Museum of English Rural Life in the U.K.

A handful of museums based around the world are playing a game of duck, duck, well, duck by soliciting each other to share their “best duck” pics.

It seems that the social media team over at the Museum of English Rural Life in the U.K. have a thing for ducks, and decided to challenge the British Museum to showcase its “best duck.”

London’s Natural History Museum chimed in, throwing shade at the British Museum for its lack of ducks.

“Can’t. They gave them all to us,” the museum tweeted along with a duck pic.

The initial challenge between the two institutions quickly spread, with museums from all over the map sharing photos of ducks, trying to one up each other.

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And some museums that have nothing to do with ducks, wildlife or artifacts joined in, sharing photos of duck-ish things.

The Museum of English Rural Life’s initial tweet was posted on Jan. 4 and has been liked over 12,000 times, because who doesn’t enjoy a solicited duck pic?

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