Alberta family desperate for thieves to return late father’s treasured memories

Click to play video 'Alberta family desperate for thieves to return late father’s treasured memories' Alberta family desperate for thieves to return late father’s treasured memories
WATCH: A southern Alberta family is desperate to have thieves return their memories after their Water Valley home was broken into over the holidays and some of what was stolen simply cannot be replaced. Jill Croteau reports.

On Christmas Eve, thieves broke into and ransacked a Water Valley home belonging to Rhonda MacNutt.

MacNutt was away for the holidays visiting her daughter when the criminals forced their way into the home, prying open the front door and laid eyes on the safe. MacNutt said she believes they dragged it through the home before taking off with it.

Photo of safe stolen from Water Valley home
Photo of safe stolen from Water Valley home. Family supplied

Inside were treasured possessions of her late husband, Kelly.

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“My life possessions are in my safe and now all I got left of my husband is my rings and that’s it,” MacNutt said on Friday.

“My husband just passed away in August and all his life possessions were in there. Rings, watches, his wallet all this personal information.”

Photo of Kelly’s stolen ring
Photo of Kelly’s stolen ring. Family suuplied

MacNutt said she’d been saving the mementoes for her children.

“They’re mad a piece of them is gone again and they barely got over the death of their father and now this,” MacNutt said through tears. “It’s hard. It’s hard.”

MacNutt’s son, Travis, said he knows the economy has made people desperate but wants them to know actions like this have a big impact.

“I can understand people’s desire to do these things that previously never crossed their minds,” Travis said.

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“If my dad taught me anything, it was to treat others how you’d expect to be treated and you never know someone’s situation or what the may be dealing with.

“So before you think to steal, just take a step and ask yourself, ‘Is this the right decision?'”

The family said they aren’t concerned about whether the thieves being punished, they just want their precious memories returned.

MacNutt does have a security system installed and received an email alert that her home had been broken into. Her security camera captured what she believes may be the suspect vehicle. The RCMP confirmed it is investigating.

“It takes everything away from you,” MacNutt said. “I don’t sleep at night.”