Squamish RCMP bust huge Butane Honey Oil operation involved in cannabis extract production

RCMP in Squamish have busted a huge operation involved with the production of an illegal cannabis extract.

A search warrant was executed Friday at a property in the Upper Squamish Valley, the site of a sophisticated 1,500-plant Cannabis Cultivation and Butane Honey Oil operation.

Investigators located a barn containing the plants and a dangerous, large — and illegal — organic solvent operation with high-end equipment.

BC Hydro officials were also on hand to identify a full electrical diversion specifically designed to steal electricity to power the large scale operation.

A Squamish man was located and arrested on the property and later released, pending further investigation.

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Images courtesy Squamish RCMP.
Images courtesy Squamish RCMP.
Images courtesy Squamish RCMP.

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