North Vancouver school locks washrooms after surge in vaping on school grounds

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A North Vancouver school is taking drastic steps to crack down on students vaping.

Seycove Secondary School says there’s been a recent spike in incidents of students vaping on school grounds, sometimes even in class.

In a bulletin sent to parents on Friday, the school said students have been vaping during class time, breaks and at lunch.

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It said the most popular spot for teens to vape has been in washrooms, though they have also been vaping in locker rooms and even in classrooms while class is in session.

“Students are arranging to meet in groups by texting each other during class time. There is increased hallway traffic during classes, and a generally ‘casual’ response from students when [they] are asked to return to class,” the bulletin states.

“As you can imagine, it is extremely challenging to police this problem.”

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Rising health concerns as more teens use e-cigarettes

In response, the school said it is now locking all student bathrooms except those on the main floor by the school gym, and a gender-neutral bathroom by the office.

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The school is also locking locker rooms except before and after gym class, and is restricting how often kids will be allowed out of class.

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“This is a school-wide concern which can only be addressed if we are consistent in our messaging and follow through,” reads the bulletin.

“Conversations at home will greatly increase our chances of educating our students as to why this is a serious issue.”

The decision, however, isn’t sitting well with everyone.

In an email to Global News, one parent called the move “totally unacceptable,” and said it unfairly penalizes all students over the accusations against some.