Steph Curry responds to 9-year-old asking why his shoes don’t come in girl’s sizes

WATCH: NBA star Stephen Curry wrote back to a girl in California after she asked him in a letter why his Under Armour shoes aren't made for girls. He says he's working on it and offered her both a new pair of shoes as well as an offer to join him for a celebration on International Women's Day.

While Curry 5 basketball shoes aren’t offered in girls’ sizes, nine-year-old Riley Morrison didn’t let that stop her from securing a pair.

When she realized the sneakers didn’t come in her size, she wrote to Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry, for whom the Curry 5 basketball shoes are named.

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The letter began with an introduction.

“My name is Riley (Just like your daughter), I’m 9 years old from Napa, California. I am a big fan of yours,” the letter began.

However, Morrison soon moved on to her main concern.

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“I asked my dad to buy me the new Curry 5’s because I’m starting a new basketball season. My dad and I visited the Under Armour website and were disappointed to see that there were no Curry 5’s for sale under the girl’s section.”

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She concluded with a plea for Curry to address the oversight.

“I hope you can work with Under Armour to change this because girls want to rock the Curry 5’s too.”

Much to her surprise, she received a response from Curry a few days later.

“I appreciate your concern and have spent the last 2 days talking to Under Armour about how we can fix the issue,” he wrote.

Curry explained to Riley that the smaller sizes were mistakenly labeled as “boys” on the website, a mistake that he assured her was being corrected.

Furthermore, Riley will not only receive a pair of Curry 5’s and Curry 6’s for her efforts, but the basketball star issued a mysterious invitation to join him in Oakland for a special event on International Women’s Day.

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“Lastly, we have something special in the works for International Women’s Day on March 8th, and I want you to celebrate with me. More to come on that, but plan to be in Oakland that night!”

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The correspondence trended far and wide on social media, with users lauding Curry for his swift response.

Morrison’s dad thanked Curry on Instagram later on, adding that he was “so proud of his baby girl for making a difference.”

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