Cyclist rides to doctor with knife embedded in his skull after Cape Town attack

Shaun Wayne was cycling to work when he was attacked and stabbed in the head with a large knife, about a kilometre from his job. Wimpie van der Merwe via Facebook

WARNING: This post contains a graphic image. Please read at your own discretion.

A Cape Town cyclist is recovering after a vicious attack left him with a large knife embedded in his skull, forcing him to ride his bike to a nearby doctor.

On Monday, Shaun Wayne was cycling to work when he was attacked and stabbed in the head with a large knife about a kilometre from his job, according to South Africa’s Times Live.

With the knife still stuck in the side of his head, Wayne managed to get back on his bicycle and ride to a doctor’s office.

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Former world champion cyclist Wimpie van der Merwe posted a photo of Wayne sitting on a hospital bed, saying he himself was also attacked a week before in the same area.

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WARNING: Swipe to see graphic image.

“Yesterday afternoon, at exactly the same place where we were attacked last week on Gordon’s Bay Road, another person was almost fatally attacked on his bike!” he wrote. “The police and policing are shining in their in absence.”

However, a police spokesperson told Cape Town’s News 24 that officers were patrolling the area at the time of the attack, and saw Wayne cycling with the knife protruding out of his head.

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“The victim was assisted and taken to a medical facility for treatment,” Noloyiso Rwexana said.

A colleague of the injured cyclist said on social media Wayne was transferred to a hospital where he underwent successful surgery.

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“Knife out, stitches and in a ward for observation,” Herman Payne said. “His mom says the doctor says so far they don’t see any permanent damage.”

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