Peterborough Police Victim Services Unit asking for donations of old cell phones

Click to play video: 'Alice Czitrom discusses cell phone program' Alice Czitrom discusses cell phone program
Peterborough Police Service Victim Services Unit coordinator Alice Czitrom discusses the cell phone donation program for victims of domestic violence and vulnerable persons in the community – Nov 20, 2018

The Peterborough Police Service Victim Services Unit is asking for donations of used or old cell phones with chargers.

The phones will be wiped of all personal information and will be given free of charge to victims of domestic violence or vulnerable persons in the community.

“It’s only for 911,” said Alice Czitrom, victim services coordinator with Peterborough Police.

“What most people don’t know, is when a phone doesn’t have access to a network, as long as it has battery power, it can still dial 911.  It’s a free service,”

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The phones must be in good, working condition and have chargers that are not broken.

“We don’t want to give people phones that are going to die or not have battery life that won’t work for calling 911,” added Czitrom.  “We want used phones that can be used for several months.  We want phones with buttons that work and screens that aren’t broken.”

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Phones and chargers can be dropped off at the desk in the main lobby at the police station on Water Street.

Victim Services can be reached at 705-876-1122 ext. 268.

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