BLOG: Living In Colour returns to talk interracial marriage, cosplay, incarceration and employment

PoC's in under represented workplaces pressured to speak for entire communities

Living In Colour is back for a second season.

During the next four weeks, host Farah Nasser will sit down with guests who will share their personal experiences of what it’s like being a person of colour (PoC) when attending cosplay conventions — along with why representation in media matters. Other topics tackled by the YouTube series include interracial marriage, incarceration and employment.

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LIC is a chance for minorities to speak their mind openly, honestly and without judgement about what it’s like to navigate in this world as a PoC.

Each week for the second season, you will be able to find a recap of each episode below.

Episode 4: Employment

A lot of PoCs know what it’s like to be the only one in a place of employment, or one of very few. Host Farah Nasser speaks with four individuals on their personal experiences of what it’s like to be a PoC in their workplace, the pressure they’ve felt to represent their entire community and the racial stereotypes they’ve had to deal with.

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Episode 3: Interracial marriages

Interracial marriages are on the rise, not only in Canada but across North America. Yet, some couples who are in mixed unions still face racial backlash, especially from strangers. Farah Nasser speaks with two couples about their lived experiences as well as addressing the ups and downs of being in an interracial marriage.

Episode 2: The justice system

During this episode, Farah Nasser speaks with three former inmates. Each guest describes how race played a role as a youth, their personal experiences of being incarcerated, and the reality of trying to reintegrate back into society.

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Episode 1: Cosplay and representation in media

In this episode of Living In Colour, our guests discuss the issues of blackface, lack of representation in comic books and movies and what it’s like to be a PoC attending conventions such as Comic-Con and Fan Expo.

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Watch the entire first season of Living In Colour here.

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Alley Wilson is a multimedia producer. 

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