B.C. government outsmarts highway goats

Click to play video: 'B.C. government outsmarts highway goats' B.C. government outsmarts highway goats
Ministry wildlife specialists are calling a salt lick built to stop goats from hanging around the highway in search of a fix a success – Nov 19, 2018

A feisty herd of B.C. mountain goats seeking a salt fix from the highway has been thwarted by crafty ministry wildlife specialists.

The goats were thrilled to discover a salt patch that had magically bloomed overnight in a bluff of trees near Nelson.

“They got straight to work licking the salt, with no further concern for their old salt spot along Highway 31, with its zooming traffic,” according to the transportation ministry.

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Crews worked loose, coarse livestock salt into patches of the forest floor to build the salt lick.

To deter animals from hanging out by the highway, the ministry said it also plants less desirable blends of grass seed next to the road and uses wildlife fencing, tunnels and overpasses.

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Goats and other wildlife, such as big horn sheep, moose and deer, seek salt deposits to get essential minerals and nutrients in the spring to help with bone and muscle growth.

The video above was taken at the man-made salt lick in the spring when goats were busy shedding their heavy winter coats.

The ministry said it is looking to expand the program at other highway locations where there is salt-seeking wildlife.

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