Scott Thompson: Is any political stripe safe?

This image, obtained Oct. 24, 2018 and provided by ABC News, shows a package addressed to former CIA head John Brennan and an explosive device sent to CNN's New York office. ABC News via AP

As details emerge about the explosive devices mailed to prominent U.S. Democrats, questions are swirling about whether the devices were designed to scare or cause bodily harm.

Does it matter?

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Any idea what it would cost to shut down a portion of New York City while EMS workers frantically try to determine the threat level of a situation?

Any idea what it would cost to provide Secret Service protection to past presidents when such a threat persists?

I don’t either, but I’m guessing it ain’t cheap.

Not to mention the terror felt by those citizens who were directly affected by these incidents but were not the intended targets.

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If the mail bombs were designed to scare — but not ignite — does this make the terror they created any less traumatic?

It only takes one disenfranchised person to think this is now the norm and we have a tragedy on our hands.

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That may not be a priority for many, but it should be for a president whose people expect him to lead by example.

Or will the president stand back when the next bomb explodes and simply blame it on mental illness or the media like he does after most U.S. mass shootings?

You’d think the president would do more to defuse all of this, not only for the sake of the country but for himself and his own family.

There are as many wacko extremists on one side as the other.

How could Donald Trump feel any safer than any other polarizing political figure?

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML

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