Wait times down at Winnipeg ERs, on the rise for cancer treatment

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ER wait times are down in Winnipeg hospitals, according to the latest data from the Health Authority.

Before the city’s healthcare overhaul, wait times at the ER’s were about two hours.

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The Health Authority’s acting Chief Operating Officer, Lori Lamont, told 680 CJOB in the past 18 months wait times have shrunk to one and a half hours.

“We’re seeing the change pretty much across the system – both the wait time in the waiting room and, importantly, the time it takes for an admitted patient to go through that emergency assessment process and get upstairs to a bed has gone down.”

She said in that area they’re very close to their goal of reaching the national average.

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Patients are also spending less time in hospital.

The Health Authority reported the average length of stay is 10.5 hours compared to 14 hours before the changes took effect.

Wait times, however, appear to be rising for cancer patients.

The President and CEO of Cancer Care Manitoba admits some cancer patients needing treatment have been forced to wait.

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Doctor Sri Navaratnam says part of the problem stems from the fact more people are being diagnosed with the disease.

She also admits there are space issues at the Cancer Care Manitoba Building.

“It is a problem. We are doing all we can to improve the capacity.”

Dr. Navaratnam says that includes having extra clinics and overtime in the evenings.

She says they’ve made the province aware of the capacity issues.



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