Tens of thousands of rare comic books to be auctioned off this weekend

It’s one of Canada’s largest comic book collections.

Sixty thousand comics that were amassed over four decades by an East Vancouver man who doesn’t want to reveal his identify.

He said he started to seriously collect comics at the tender age of four. He still remembers the first comic store that he ever went to.

“My brother had built it up for maybe a month before we went there,” says the anonymous seller. “There are places where you can go and all the do is sell comics. The whole store is comics. I was four years old and we went, and I still remember every comic I got there that day, so I kept those.”

The comics are from the 60 and 70s, what’s dubbed the silver and bronze era.

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Many are in very good condition.

The restored incredible hulk No.1 from 1962 is one of the big ticket items.

“The original unrestored [one] in this condition would cost you probably over $100,000,” says Jeremy Dodd with Able Auctions. “This one would go for about $10,000.”

The anonymous consigner says he dropped out of school at 16, so he could attend comic conventions across North America.

Now running out of space, he has decided to sell off his collection and start fresh, but he’s kept a few for sentimental reasons.

“I got hulk No.168, which had hulk’s girlfriend turn into a super villain and fight him, and my brother read that to me and did all the voices and he did a really good job, so I kept that one.”

Able Auctions is holding a public preview of the comic books on Friday. They go up for bidding this weekend.

The sale is expected to bring in $200,000-$300,000.

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