Québec Solidaire MNAs refuse to publicly pledge allegiance to the Queen

Newly-elected Quebec MNAs sworn in
WATCH: A total of 10 newly-elected Québec Solidaire MNAs were officially sworn in at the National Assembly. As Global's Raquel Fletcher explains, the members swore their oath to the Queen behind closed doors and had the Canadian flag removed from the red room of the National Assembly for the ceremony.

During their official swearing-in ceremony, the Québec Solidaire (QS) caucus together swore their loyalty to the Quebec people, but they had already taken the first part of the oath — required by all MNAs in order to sit at the National Assembly — behind closed doors.

Unlike the Liberals and the CAQ earlier this week, they reluctantly pledged allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II in private.

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“It’s not about the queen, it’s about the monarchy,” explained QS co-spokesperson Manon Massé. “It’s very archaic.”

The party that wants Quebec to become a republic says it will soon introduce a bill to get rid of this part of the oath.

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Other priorities for the party are the fight against climate change and holding the new CAQ government to its promise of electoral reform. Massé said her party is not like the other political parties.

Massé is also questioning how effective the Quebec Liberal Party will be as the official opposition. She said the two parties have voted the same way on too many issues, particularly when it concerns the environment.

“I think the CAQ and the PLQ are the same,” she said.