Winnipeggers taking advantage of advance polls

More than half a million Winnipeggers are eligible to vote in the upcoming civic election.

And many of them have been voting early, before the October 24th election.

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City clerk Marc Lemoine said advance polling is seeing a 32 per cent increase in voter turnout compared to the last election in 2014.

“In terms of things to bring to the polls, everyone just requires ID showing what their address is and what their name is.”

To vote Lemoine said you can use either one piece of picture ID – like a drivers license that shows both your name and address, or two pieces of ID that together show both your name and address.

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Lemoine said if you vote ahead of time, you can go to any advance polling station, instead of the one you would be required to attend if you vote on the 24th.

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Lemoine said what you’ll see on your ballot depends on where you live in Winnipeg – everyone will get to choose from 8 candidates for mayor while there are a total 55 candidates running for council in the various wards and more than 100 running for school trustee.

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