Pickering election results 2018

It looks like Dave Ryan, the city’s longest serving mayor, was re-elected by a large margin, according to unofficial election results. Ryan was originally elected to the mayor’s office in 2003. He was being challenged by former councillor and NDP candidate for the region, Eileen Higdon, and two community members, Bert Cortez and Wesley Henry.



Bert Cortez
Wesley Henry
Eileen Higdon
Dave Ryan (incumbent)


Regional Councillor – Ward 1

Kevin George Ashe (incumbent)
Usha Chahar
Robert Jones
Musa Mansuar

Regional Councillor – Ward 2

Bill McLean (incumbent)
Gary Hugh Strange

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Regional Councillor – Ward 3

David Pickles (incumbent)
Peter Rodrigues

Regional Chair – Regional Municipality of Durham

Tom Dingwall
John Henry
John Mutton
Peter Neal
Muhammad Ahsin Sahi

City Councillor – Ward 1

Maurice Brenner (incumbent)
Haidar Furozuni
Tony Harold
Lisa Robinson
Clyde Taffe
Nancy Granados

City Councillor – Ward 2

Ian Cumming (incumbent)
Dave Currie
Tanya Foster
Sari Sarieddine

City Councillor – Ward 3

Javed Akhtar
Shaheen Butt (incumbent)
Ali Naqvi
Nadia Peerzada
Damian Williams

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