WorkSafe helps prepare Saskatchewan workplaces for cannabis legalization

WorkSafe has developed a video for Saskatchewan employers to answer questions surrounding the upcoming legalization of cannabis. File/Global News

As part of ongoing efforts to help prepare workplaces, WorkSafe Saskatchewan has developed a video for employers to answer questions surrounding the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17.

Kevin Mooney, director of prevention at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), said many of their industry partners had come to them with concerns about the potential impacts of cannabis in workplaces, especially in safety-sensitive industries.

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“The soon-to-be legalization of cannabis has drawn attention to the need for employers to update, or in some cases develop, their workplace impairment policy,” Mooney said in a press release.

“The video panel discussion is a follow-up to the workshops that we put on in the spring … We have now taken that content and made it readily available to every employer in the province.”

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WATCH BELOW: Cannabis panel discussion

The moderated panel discussion draws on the expertise of legal professionals from Miller Thomson and human resources professionals from MNP.

WorkSafe Saskatchewan has also launched an online, awareness campaign to remind the province’s workers being impaired at work can be a risk to them and the safety of others.

“Saskatchewan workers need to understand that just because using cannabis recreationally and medically is now going to be legal, it is not OK to come to work impaired,” Mooney said in a press release.

“Being impaired at work is a hazard and poses a serious safety risk to the individual worker and others in the workplace.”

WorkSafe Saskatchewan is asking employers to talk to their workers about their company’s impairment policy, as well as the legal consequences of being impaired on the job.


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