‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s awkward answer stuns crowd into silence

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s awkward answer stuns crowd into silence
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We’ve seen some wacky Wheel of Fortune segments before, but this one takes the gold.

Things got a little awkward on game show Wheel of Fortune Thursday night after a contestant’s failed answer stunned the audience into silence.

Melanie Sinany of Glendale, Calif. was one letter away from solving a puzzle from the category “Same Name.”

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“Bridal & _old shower,” was up on the board. Seems pretty simple, right?

As Vanna White was standing next to the puzzle, itching to turn that “C,” Sinany apparently had something else on her mind.

Her answer?

“Bridal and gold shower,” Sinany said.

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Crickets. The audience seemed stunned after Sinany made reference to the slang term describing a sex act.

“Sorry,” said host Pat Sajak, before turning to the next contestant who answered correctly. Sajak didn’t reference the term, either, probably because it’s a family show.

Awkward, indeed.