Three infants among five stabbed at New York daycare

Woman stabs 5 people including 3 infants in Queens, New York
WATCH ABOVE: A 52-year-old woman allegedly slashed herself and five other people, including three infants, early Friday morning in Flushing, Queens.

A female worker at a New York City daycare centre stabbed three infants and two adults early on Friday, injuring one child seriously, then cut her own wrists, police said.

The incident occurred at the daycare centre in the borough of Queens at about 3:30 a.m. EDT, a spokesman for New York City Police Department said.

The unidentified worker stabbed two infant girls and one infant boy as well as a man, believed to be a father of one of the children, and a female coworker, police said.

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One of the infants was in serious condition, the police spokesman said.

The suspect has self-inflicted wounds to the wrists and was in custody. She was in stable condition, police said.

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Police said it was not immediately clear why she attacked the children and adults.