Alpaca yoga now available to yoga enthusiasts near Winnipeg

WATCH: Seasoned yogis and beginners alike can now try a new kind of animal yoga.

Winnipeg has seen all sorts of animal yoga in the past, and now there’s a new trend thrown into the mix — alpaca yoga.

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It’s a collaboration that began in August between Winnipeg yoga instructor Michelle Maryk, who goes by “Flexy Michelle”, and Ann Patman from 313 Farms in Anola. Maryk says their first alpaca yoga class in August saw 65 participants in a beginner-style class with 10 alpacas.

“They roam around and they’re super sweet and cute,” said Maryk. “They even give you kisses.”

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Patman says her alpacas have varying personalities. “We have some that are curious and will walk around you, and then we have some stand off to the side but they will take selfies with you.”

Maryk has practised yoga on and off for nearly two decades, but it wasn’t until she was involved in a car accident 12 years ago that she began regularly practising yoga in order to regain her strength and mobility.

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Maryk says the alpaca yoga classes are open to all levels but are limited to those aged 16 and up.

For more information about upcoming alpaca yoga classes, visit Flexy Michelle’s website here.