Electric vehicles front and centre as Nova Scotia Power hosts ‘Electric Avenue’

WATCH: Electric vehicles of all forms were on display in Halifax on Saturday. Alicia Draus reports.

Over a dozen electric vehicles were on display at the fourth-annual Electric Avenue.

The event is aimed at giving people an opportunity to learn more about the new technology.

“We know that electric vehicles are coming and we know that awareness and education is obviously one of the biggest barriers,” said Rebecca Paruch with Nova Scotia Power.

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Electric vehicle owners volunteered their time and vehicles to the event, answering questions and offering rides to give others first-hand experience with electric vehicles.

It’s something that helped Michael Boucher decide to get one. He attended the event last year and this year is back as an owner.

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“With gas prices rising all the time, after doing the math, driving my truck is about $45 for 200 km, and driving an electric it’s either free if you go to a free stand, or a $1.40 with time use metering,” he said.

“So it’s really cheap. The cost to drive this car will probably pay for itself in seven years.”

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WATCH: The growing popularity of electric vehicles

Growing popularity of electric vehicles
Growing popularity of electric vehicles

Keith Wilde, who purchased a Tesla last year, was also at the event as an owner. He said he had been watching Tesla for years, waiting for a model that he felt suited his needs.

“Gas has a lifespan,” Wilde said. “Maybe it won’t be in our lifetime, but we’re going to run out. We have to go to something else.”

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But the event wasn’t just for cars. Electric bicycles were also on display. Michael Uhlarik, founder and CEO of SURU Cycles, said that his bicycles are designed using motorcycle design principles, and are a good option for people looking for a quick and easy ride.

“You hit the on switch, you twist the throttle and you just zip along up to 30 km/h, which is plenty fast for the city,” he said.

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Electric vehicles are still relatively new, but are gaining popularity across the country. Over 130 vehicles are currently registered in Nova Scotia. To encourage more use of EVs, Nova Scotia Power has installed 14 fast-charging stations across the province, which can charge a vehicle in 15-30 minutes.

There are over 80 other public charging stations across the province.