New Brunswick election: Moncton South

Riding background

Moncton South was a new riding created during the 2013 redistricting process. It contains portions of the former ridings of Moncton West and Moncton East.

The entire riding is now inside the City of Moncton and includes downtown Moncton.


Liberal: Cathy Rogers (incumbent)

  • Currently serves as the province’s Finance Minister

Progressive Conservative: Moira Murphy

NDP: Amy Johnson

  • Nursing home worker and president of her union local, CUPE Local 3982

Green: Laura Sanderson

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People’s Alliance: Marilyn Crossman-Riel



The 2014 election saw Liberal candidate Cathy Rogers defeat PC candidate Susan Stultz, the incumbent for the former riding of Moncton West.


PC candidate Susan Stultz defeated Liberal candidate Anne Marie Picone Ford in the 2010 election.

Stultz earned 48.5 per cent of the vote while Ford earned 32.7 of the vote.