Criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emotions sparks hashtag #CryingIsManlyAF

Most of Canadians on Twitter use the platform to tweet while watching TV shows. Global News

Hey guys, when was the last time you cried?

A Toronto columnist accusing our Prime Minister of crying crocodile tears has sparked a hashtag encouraging men to share their stories of the last time they’ve been emotional, using #CryingIsManlyAF.

Nanaimo Journalist Nicholas Pescod said he shared the hashtag because there’s a stigma out there that men shouldn’t show emotion.

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“Hopefully this hashtag has some kind of effect to get more people talking about some of the stuff that men go through, especially with depression you know that’s a tough one to struggle with as a man, he said.

Having dealt with a little bit of that myself, you know, it’s hard to talk about especially when you’re young and you’re trying to impress people and make an impression.

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“Any human being has every right to cry, and to criticize somebody for basically showing emotion and crying at, you know, very, very important and very emotional times is totally inappropriate so I just felt it was important to share that hashtag.”

Pescod said the last time he cried was the other day, talking about his wife’s dog named Taco that died.

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