Bill Kelly: Media pushback against Donald Trump is too little, too late

Trump says he’s ‘proud of himself’ for not calling media fake news
President Donald Trump congratulated himself for not calling the media "fake news" as he addressed a military audience before signing a defence bill honouring John McCain.

It was impressive to see more than 300 newspaper editorials from conservative and liberal publications across the United States decry Donald Trump’s self serving assertion that the media is the enemy of the American people.

Trump’s  accusations are, of course, outlandish.

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The man who lies and obliterates truth and honesty constantly vilifies any media who calls him out for his dishonesty and desecration of the American First Amendment calling for a free press.

But the media pushback against Trump is too little, too late.

All through the long, arduous nomination process and subsequent presidential campaign, media outlets, both print and electronic, gave Trump prime time coverage on a daily basis.

Omarosa accuses Donald Trump of using ‘N-word’ multiple times on ‘Apprentice’
Omarosa accuses Donald Trump of using ‘N-word’ multiple times on ‘Apprentice’

WATCH: Omarosa accuses Donald Trump of using ‘N-word’ multiple times on The Apprentice

Every nightly newscast and the front page of almost every newspaper carried details of every outrageous claim and every slanderous allegation Trump made against his opponents.

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It was the best free publicity that any candidate could ever ask for.

Marketing experts will tell you that when people are inundated with the same message time and time again, they start to believe it.

So, while the media rail against Trump’s assault against truth and his attacks against freedom of expression, they also need to acknowledge that apathetic journalism contributed to this crisis and they too must accept culpability for their part in Trump’s insidious path to power.

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.