Facebook video shows pet owner visibly angry at pair who saved dog from hot vehicle

Click to play video: 'Dog owner has angry outburst at pair who retrieved his dog from inside hot vehicle' Dog owner has angry outburst at pair who retrieved his dog from inside hot vehicle
ABOVE: Dog owner has angry outburst at pair who retrieved his dog from inside hot vehicle. – Aug 13, 2018

A video that was posted to a popular Facebook group for Guelph residents has members outraged by the actions of a dog owner.

The video posted on “Overheard at Guelph” depicts Connor Beebe and a woman moments after being confronted after helping a sweating and panting dog from what is said to be a sweltering hot minivan last Thursday.

The owner arrives and takes back his dog, telling the pair to “mind their own business,” the video shows. The man in the video says his actions weren’t a big deal because the minivan window was open a crack and that the dog had access to water inside the vehicle.

The owner says the golden retriever was “sweating” and panting due to just coming back from a run, and that he was only inside the Canadian Tire on Stone Road for a few moments. The man says, “We just got here!”

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The woman in the video states there a heat warning in effect and that the temperature felt like 33 C at the time of the video.

The dog owner is then heard saying, “I’ve had enough of this,” before running towards Beebe who is filming the incident. The man shouts, “You’ve messed with the wrong f**king person!”

As of Monday morning, the video had generated more than 25,000 views.

Many Facebook users praised Beebe and the woman for their actions. Others pointed out that the Canadian Tire where the incident took place has signs posted that says it is a “pet-friendly” store.

The incident comes the same week that the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) launched a “No Hot Pets” campaign, begging owners not to leave their pets inside their vehicles, and encouraging businesses to allow pets inside on hot days.

Sign in the Canadian Tire parking lot on Stone Road, indicating the store is "pet friendly" . Connor Beebe/Overheard At Guelph/Facebook


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Police attended the scene and spoke to both parties involved and the K9 unit was also in attendance. Const. Josh Fraser says that no charges were laid in the incident.

We have reached out to Beebe for a comment on the incident.


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