Folklorama Festival coping with extreme heat

Things are heating up at the annual Folklorama Festival…literally.

Week two of the 14-day multicultural event kicks off Sunday night, and organizers are reminding festival-goers to be prepared for the hot and humid weather.

The volunteer-run pavilions will be monitoring line ups and offering water to guests to keep them hydrated.

Staff are also considering letting people in early prior to the shows so they can keep cool.

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If you want to avoid the line ups, you can purchase tickets online.

“With the introduction of digital ticketing, festival-goers have the option of purchasing tickets in advance so they don’t have to stand in a long line up in the heat, so if that is an option for you definitely do that,” said Teresa Cotroneo, acting executive director of the festival. “Otherwise make sure you stay hydrated, if you’re not feeling well reach out to someone at the pavilion, they’ll be more than happy to help.”

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Folklorama runs until Aug. 18.

The final week features more than 20 pavilions, including Africa, Celtic-Ireland and India.


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