Further assessment ordered for young offender convicted in 2015 sexual assault

Lethbridge courthouse.
Lethbridge courthouse. Global News

A Lethbridge man found guilty of a brutal aggravated sexual assault in 2015 will have to wait even longer to find out his fate.

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The offender was 17 years old at the time of the attack and can not be named to protect his identity.

Now 20, the offender was found not guilty of attempted murder, but convicted of aggravated sexual assault.

Instead of a sentencing hearing on Wednesday, the judge was given an application request from crown prosecutor Lisa Weich for an “Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision Order,” also known as IRCS.

The crown told the court she just received a very lengthy psychiatric assessment for the young man, and based on its contents, feels it’s in everyone’s best interest to move forward with the order.

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IRCS is a report conducted by a series of professionals that determines if and how a treatment plan to rehabilitate an offender looks.

The crown said without this report she would pursue an adult sentence with significant amount of time behind bars, but the outcome of the assessment could change her mind.

The judge granted the order which will take about 60 days to complete.

The teen was charged in May of 2015 after he found a woman sleeping on a couch.

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He sexually assaulted her, and when her step father found him, he dragged her outside to continue the assault.

The 45-year-old woman survived a 14 cm cut to her throat, but she and her stepfather both died in unrelated incidents prior to the trial.

The judge said intent to kill was not proven during the trial, but did convict the 20-year-old of sex assault, break and enter to commit sexual assault, threats to cause death and unlawful confinement.

The judge noted to the court he has concerns with the delays and the length the young man has been in custody, but acknowledged the importance of the order.

A progress report is expected to be given on Sept 5.

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