Daisy Peterson Sweeney’s family upset Montreal won’t name street after her

Mon, Jul 30: Daisy Peterson Sweeney left her mark on the city as a piano teacher to some of Montreal's greatest jazz legends. When she passed away last year, the city promised to name a street after her, but the new administration isn't honouring that promise and is proposing to rename a park instead. Global's Phil Carpenter reports.

The family of Daisy Peterson Sweeney is upset the City of Montreal has changed its mind about naming a street after the piano teacher who taught many jazz greats, including her brother, Oscar Peterson, and Oliver Jones.

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Celine Peterson, Oscar’s daughter, says then-mayor Denis Coderre said at her aunt’s funeral a year ago the city would name a street after Peterson Sweeney.

The family was hoping the administration would rename a street in front of a downtown church where Peterson Sweeney taught piano and had also contributed to the city’s black community.

WATCH BELOW: Montreal remembers Daisy Sweeney

Montreal remembers Daisy Sweeney
Montreal remembers Daisy Sweeney

But family members say they were informed by Valerie Plante‘s administration in May that a small park, or what Celine calls a “dog run,” will now bear her name.

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Peterson said the family let the city know in a formal letter the park idea was unacceptable but that it only received a form letter in return.

The pianist died last Aug. 11 at the age of 97.

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Daisy Sweeney to be honoured with street name?
Daisy Sweeney to be honoured with street name?