Quebec personalized licence plates: website up and running

This illustration shows a mock vanity plate. Staff/ Global News

Quebecers have ordered more than 8,500 personalized licence plates since they became available last week, a spokesman for Quebec’s automobile insurance board said Monday.

About 2,000 people took advantage of the new service Friday _ the first day it was offered _ before sections of the board’s website crashed in response to higher-than-normal traffic, said Mario Vaillancourt.

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By the end of the day Monday, the board said another 6,500 orders had been received.

Transport Minister André Fortin said earlier this month the message on the plates — a combination of numbers and letters ranging between two and seven characters — must be respectful and tasteful.

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The opposition Parti Québécois had complained that the board is allowing citizens to order English-language plates.

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They say English plates violate the province’s language charter.

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The board and the Liberals, however, said vanity plates are private property and therefore can be in the language of the car owner’s choice.

Personalized plates sell for $250 and renewal will cost drivers $34.50, which falls within the range charged elsewhere in Canada.

The plates will be delivered within three to six weeks.

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