Victoria Beach Residents Warned Not To Drink Town Water

An issue at a water plant near Victoria Beach means a "do not consume advisory" has been issued to the public. File

Residents and cottagers near Victoria Beach are being told not to drink water from their taps.

A do not consume advisory was issued Friday evening by the province.

It says an unauthorized chemical was added to the treatment process at the town’s water treatment system, but the issue was caught “before any significant exposure of unsafe water to the public occurred”.

Manitoba Health says the water could be contaminated with bacteria, other pathogens or hydrogen peroxide.

It warns you can’t make the water safe by boiling it.

If your water comes from the Victoria Beach water treatment plant, you should not consume the water in any way, including making ice, preparing food or brushing your teeth.

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Laundry and washing dishes are still fine, however.

It’s unclear how long the advisory will last.

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Any questions or concerns can be sent to the Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach or the Regional Drinking Water Officer at 204-391-1811.

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